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3 Questions For Reflecting On Your Fulfillment

This time of year, we can expect to see our favorite social media timelines and e-newsletters loaded with “expert” advice about the healthiest, most effective, fill-in-the-blank way to approach New Year.

I’ve clicked that cute little trash-can icon in my email inbox more times than I can count this week before daring to read articles headlining how to set my annual goals or why I should eliminate the term “New Year’s Resolution” entirely.

Thoughts on the year ahead

While I am taking time to celebrate the wins and assess where I fell short over the past year, I’m doing my best to keep it real and stress-free when it comes to managing my own thoughts on the year ahead.

So—how are you feeling about 2019? Are you fired up and ready to take it on with all you’ve got? Or are you reading this on your smart phone, curled up in the fetal position, polishing off the red and green Hershey’s Kisses.

Depending on where you are on your journey, you could be feeling both of those extremes—simultaneously.

Let’s make this simple. Set aside the chocolate for a moment and answer 3 questions as you reflect on life as it stands today.

  • Are you doing what you were called to do?
  • Is who you are taking a back seat to what you can deliver?
  • Are you “OK” and “just fine,” but not fulfilled?

Mapping your path

What if I told you there is a way to align your fundamental nature with your professional life? It is possible to be “successful” without compromising your core values, natural strengths and unique vision. I know it’s possible because I did it. I can help you do it, too.

Whether it’s your first career, a step up the corporate ladder or breaking ground on something completely different, HerNature helps you map the path between who you are and where you want to be, personally and professionally.

Schedule a call today. It’ll be fun and stress-free, I promise.

And don’t feel like you need a crystal clear picture of this New Year or any other before we chat. Getting the picture in sharper focus is the core of what we do together.

Happy 2019!


Photo: Sage Friedman, Unsplash

As founder of HerNature®, Carole Dupre’ guides professional women in unearthing their natural strengths, clarifying their niche, landing their dream jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is a career and business branding coach and a certified personal brand strategist, resume writer and digital marketer.