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Jenn Ocken

Encouraging Others To Love Themselves

Featuring Jenn Ocken

HerNature asked Jenn, “What woman has inspired you to be the real you?”

So many women I’ve crossed paths with have inspired me without them knowing the impact they had.

It comes down to this: If we can handle the vulnerability that comes with being human … and witness a women’s ability to forgive, love and tend to their basic need to connect …. and allow women to use their experiences for guidance without expectation of what we think … we all end up being mothers to one another.

It’s who we are for ourselves that will encourage others to love themselves.

By taking time to ask questions and listen, we’ll realize it’s not each other’s validation that changes us. It’s who we are for ourselves that will encourage others to love themselves in a way that sets in motion something bigger than we could ever imagine.

This blog post is part of the 2021 Women’s History Month-long celebration hosted by HerNature®Jenn is a photographer, creative cultivator, and owner of Jenn Ocken Photography and is based in Baton Rouge, LA.

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