Success On Her Own Terms

These are the stories of women who followed their true nature and have worked through their fears to pursue their passion. Some of them partnered with HerNature to launch or grow their own businesses while others were on a mission to map a fulfilling path within an organization.

The common theme among HerNature stories is about living an authentic life. It takes great courage to remain true to who you are and not lose your sense of self when the pressure is on to fall in line as an executive leader or entrepreneur.

Read how these beautiful, strong and talented women define success for themselves while you picture your own story among theirs.

How they followed their nature ...


This experience, overall, has given me a fresh perspective on my career, clarity for what I am passionate about, and excitement for a new professional adventure! I owe so much of my success to Carole's assessment and coaching process.

Shannon D'Gerolamo, PhD

Talent Development Partner

Carole is a personal branding powerhouse. Her suggestions were spot-on. She knew instinctively the right words to use for my brand and helped me plan a roadmap to success. I only wish I had worked with her sooner.

Frances Nevill

Communications & Public Affairs Consultant

Carole is a caring, attentive, and wise coach. Her greatest gifts were her listening skills, ability to ask pertinent questions, and supportive nature. I came away from our work together feeling more knowledgeable and empowered about my own personal/professional brand and what my next steps would be.

Marcia Wall

Career Success Coach

Carole really listened and gave me the confidence I needed to explore career options that fit my natural strengths. With her ongoing encouragement, I was able to land a new marketing role in a new industry. She has been a true mentor and inspiration to me.

Jaclyn Dufrene

Marketing Director

Carole is very talented at taking someone’s skillset and career highlights and turning those bullet points into a compelling narrative. She provided me with excellent tools to identify my personal brand, helped me see my work and talents more clearly, and encouraged me to share my expertise with more confidence.

Stacy Raine

Nonprofit Communication & Marketing Consultant

Meaningful work with great clients that serves the greater good. Working with Carole has helped me get there. What more could I ask?! It was a true partnership.

Amy Ferguson

Communications Strategist

Carole helped me shape my overall message and what I wanted people’s first impression to be. Through our work together, I was able to exceed my goals.

Katherine Klimitas

Owner | Artist | Speaker | Graphic Designer, KAK ART & Designs

Carole Dupre is the go-to expert when it comes to personal branding, resume writing and helping someone position themselves as a great candidate for a job in a new field.

Patrice Perillo

Career Transition Expert

Through my journey with HerNature, I see now that being at peace with who I am and living from my heart is the most important thing I can do. It has been affirming, encouraging and clarifying to have new words to continue building my brand.

Diane Burden Cox

CEO, Disaster Scope | Author, Resilient Americans

Carole helped me see that it was cool to be me in my job search and not necessarily what I thought the industry wanted me to be.

Mel Blalock

3D Game Artist

Carole could’ve easily signed the contract, asked me a few basic questions and come up with some standard logo designs and ideas about how to brand myself. But she took the time to make sure I got something that was true to me and my business.

Tara B. Hawkins

Criminal Defense Attorney | Owner, Hawkins Legal

I’m grateful for Carole's personal branding guidance. I’ve updated my social media and websites based on her recommendations. It was such a wonderful experience and has made me feel more in control of who I am and what I will use to create opportunities moving forward.

Stephanie Roussell

System Director of Brand

Carole broadened my own view of my business, my work and myself. I don’t think I had any idea that I could be respected and valued. I’m much more optimistic about the continued growth of my practice.

Myra Buller

Physical Therapist | Owner, Myra Buller Physical Therapy

Carole helped me get focused and more strategic about positioning my event design business for growth. She has been a great adviser, coach and friend.

Victoria Roberts

Events Designer | Owner, VAR Events

The coaching Carole provided me truly made a difference. I believe it increased my confidence and improved the skills I needed to succeed in the interview process.

Jen S.

Café Manager

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By moving forward together, we can ensure who you are plays a significant role in what you do so that your work is fulfilling and your value is realized.

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After two years of dreaming about her own physical therapy practice, Marieke Crawford made the leap. “If you never take risks, you’ll never get where you want to be,” said Marieke, who is more prone to action than overthinking big decisions in her life. “I’m proud to have finally taken the plunge of starting my […]

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Shannon D’Gerolamo daydreamed about writing her own job description. She envisioned a role that engaged her passion for executive coaching and gave her the flexibility she needed as a mom with two young boys. “I would have never considered going into a traditional organization and asking for a flexible way of working and expect it […]

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For Tara Hawkins, launching a business wasn’t about the money or making a name for herself. It was about doing work that matters to her because of what she witnessed as a prosecutor in Southwest Louisiana. “It sounds trite, but it’s true. I’m very passionate about what I do,” says Tara. From blue collar to […]

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Myra Buller has a unique perspective on living with pain. It’s what led her to her niche as a physical therapist specializing in CranioSacral therapy. At age 23, just one year into her physical therapy career, Myra stopped to offer help at the scene of a head-on collision. While assisting victims on the side of […]

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Being authentic isn’t an issue for Katherine Klimitas. In the most literal sense, her perspective is uniquely her own. A watercolor artist, graphic designer, jewelry maker, budding keynote speaker and author, Katherine has been in a wheelchair her entire life. She’s 2 feet, 7 inches tall, and there’s only one way she can work—lying on […]

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Mel Blalock wanted her work to feel aligned with who she is. Eventually she found her niche, not by figuring out what she wanted to do, but mostly by discovering what she didn’t. “I’ve never really fit into any of the convenient boxes,” Mel said. “I’m easygoing. I’m creative. I have a great need for […]

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