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These are the stories of women who followed their true nature and have worked through their fears to pursue their passion. Some of them partnered with HerNature to launch or grow their own businesses while others were on a mission to map a fulfilling path within an organization.

The common theme among HerNature stories is about living an authentic life. It takes great courage to remain true to who you are and not lose your sense of self when the pressure is on to fall in line as an executive leader or entrepreneur.

Scroll and read below how these beautiful, strong and talented women define success for themselves while you picture your own story among theirs.

Career Coaching Testimonials, Reviews and Stories
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By moving forward together, we can ensure who you are plays a significant role in what you do so that your work is fulfilling and your value is realized.

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Being true to herself is key for Kristen Gradney. During her career coaching partnership with HerNature, Kristen was able to land her “dream job” while also embracing who she is

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Marieke Crawford, HerNature Client Story


After 2 years of dreaming about her own physical therapy practice, Marieke Crawford made the leap. “If you never take risks, you’ll never get where you want to be,” said

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Shannon D’Gerolamo daydreamed about writing her own job description. She envisioned a role that engaged her passion for executive coaching and gave her the flexibility she needed as a mom

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Attorney Tara B. Hawkins


For Tara Hawkins, launching a business wasn’t about the money or making a name for herself. It was about doing work that matters to her because of what she witnessed

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Myra Buller has a unique perspective on living with pain. It’s what led her to her niche as a physical therapist specializing in CranioSacral therapy. At age 23, just one

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Being authentic isn’t an issue for Katherine Klimitas. In the most literal sense, her perspective is uniquely her own. A watercolor artist, graphic designer, jewelry maker, budding keynote speaker and

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Mel Blalock wanted her work to feel aligned with who she is. Eventually she found her niche, not by figuring out what she wanted to do, but mostly by discovering

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