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Do You Love What You Do 250 Days Per Year?

Carole Dupre journaling at the beach.

Out of the 365 days in 2022, 250 of those were U.S. working days. We know these numbers, but they still make me stop and think—that’s a lot more days working than not working in a year. When you’re clear about what you do best, you can take charge of what’s next. -Carole Dupré So […]

3 Ideas For How To Celebrate Women’s Day Your Way

I am incredibly grateful for women in history who rose in power and influenced mainstream audiences, in part, from daring to tell their stories and speak up for themselves and others. While it’s important to speak up and be heard, I also believe it’s okay to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in […]

2 Things You Need To Do To Love Your Next Headshot Photo Session

Love Your Next Headshot

I won’t sugarcoat it. Taking new a new headshot photo as a professional woman on the later side of age 50 is hard. I held on to my spring 2021 photographs for 4 months before exposing them publicly, on my website and social media pages. That was after I had two of my best friends […]

Who Inspires You To Be The Real You In Your Career

Books about women with March calendar 2021 outlining campaign for Women's History Month

What female leader, founder, writer, artist or advocate in recent or past history has inspired you to be the real you in your career? Think of how you might celebrate her in March during Women’s History Month. Maybe it’s through social media, a thank you card or a phone call. Or sending her a book […]

How Do You Mark The End Of Your Workday When You WFM

Yellow flower sunset to end your workday.

Being free to do work I love has meant working from home (WFM) for more than 5 years. But for many HerNature Personal Branding clients and friends, WFH is a whole new way of living and dealing with boundaries related to when does work begin and end. This past week one of my favorite platforms, […]

Through Catastrophe (And Writing) Comes Clarity

Carole Dupre driving her Jeep Wrangler

Friends have encouraged me to write about what’s now a transformational part of my life journey—an infamous Jeep wreck and stuntwoman masterpiece in 2017. I submitted my story to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Community platform, which is open to anyone who wants to participate. Although there is no guarantee your story will get published, mine […]

Your 3 Career Guideposts For The Pandemic


Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively. –Eleanor Roosevelt Are you noticing the latest shift in your conversations, too? Over the 8 weeks since we’ve been physically distanced, I’ve stayed connected by phone and Zoom with a wide circle of friends and […]

What’s Next For Your Career?

Single yellow flower floating in isolation

I could not have foreseen the urgent nature of the talk I gave 2 weeks ago. I had been slated as a guest speaker long before the first COVID-19 case was detected in China, according to one news source. My presentation to the LikeMinded Ladies group was called, “What’s Next? The Journey to a Career […]

When The Fog Lifts, The Sky’s The Limit

The fog settles on Mobile Bay, allowing me to see only what's in front of me.

As founder of HerNature Career Coaching, I’m grateful to have the flexibility to plan when it feels right. While a lot of my colleagues were doing annual goal-setting sessions near the end of the year, I held out until mid-January. My style is to push through work until the holidays before looking back on the […]

Being 1st In 165 Years With Savanna Duckworth

Long Beach Sunset

I had the opportunity recently to sip Bellinis with my local marketing pal Savanna Duckworth. It was her first time at Long Beach, Mississippi’s boat-in-the-sky lounge, officially called Parrish’s. While catching up on life, work and what it takes to pursue an authentic career path, I loved hearing about the trail Savanna is blazing. You […]