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When The Fog Lifts, The Sky’s The Limit

The fog settles on Mobile Bay, allowing me to see only what's in front of me.

As founder of HerNature Career Coaching, I’m grateful to have the flexibility to plan when it feels right. While a lot of my colleagues were doing annual goal-setting sessions near the end of the year, I held out until mid-January. My style is to push through work until the holidays before looking back on the […]

Break Free And Soar With Dorothy Wilson

I can’t remember the last time I wore a name tag. But it was past time for me to put one on, break out of my virtual consulting silo at the cottage and make new friends in the real world. Plus stepping out to attend the local chamber’s Women Entrepreneurs’ lunch was the only way […]

WFH: Dance, work, meditate, repeat.

Here is where I spend much of my time on weekdays in Pass Christian. I’ve turned the sun room of my beach cottage into a full-purpose creative war room and branding studio.