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Staying Focused On The Positive, Living Life To The Fullest

Melinda Stallings

Featuring Melinda Stallings HerNature asked Melinda, “What woman has inspired you to be the real you?” I thank God every day for Carey McLean, the truest of friends. Survivor of a rare cancer diagnosed in her 30s, she is a force to be reckoned with and an example of inspiring positive possibilities. Carey and I […]

Seeing The Difference I Could Make

Marieke Crawford

Featuring Marieke Crawford HerNature asked Marieke, “What woman has inspired you to be the real you?” Torhild Kvarekval was a big influence for me in continuing my education as a physical therapist. We met in 1995. For two years, she would fly in from California every other weekend to teach for the Ola Grimsby Institute […]

Through Catastrophe (And Writing) Comes Clarity

Carole Dupre driving her Jeep Wrangler

Friends have encouraged me to write about what’s now a transformational part of my life journey—an infamous Jeep wreck and stuntwoman masterpiece in 2017. I submitted my story to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Community platform, which is open to anyone who wants to participate. Although there is no guarantee your story will get published, mine […]

Break Free And Soar With Dorothy Wilson

I can’t remember the last time I wore a name tag. But it was past time for me to put one on, break out of my virtual consulting silo at the cottage and make new friends in the real world. Plus stepping out to attend the local chamber’s Women Entrepreneurs’ lunch was the only way […]

The Brave. The Authentic.

Gravel road with one tall pine tree cuts through Bon Secour Preserve as the fog cover the preserve and fills a turquoise sky.

I wouldn’t have believed Mom if she had told me as a young girl that the hardest thing I’d ever do is stay true to my nature. She would have been right if she had. Being authentic is the bravest thing you can and will do—especially in our world of instant gratification. It’s tempting to […]

How HerNature Got Its Name

Standing under a tree as light pierces gold and yellow leaves on a sunny day.

I was standing right about here (under the tree in the photo above) when the new name of my business hit me. It was fall 2016. I had set aside client work for a month to get my head and heart straight, driving my Jeep through the Southeast U.S. on a photography adventure. I’m on […]