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How Core Values Help Focus Your Career Path

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Picture in your mind one social media or online news channel you frequently visit. Now think about what happens to your mind when you visit that channel. Most likely, within 60 seconds or less of scrolling through posts, your mind will shift to a very different place from where it was before you started scrolling. […]

Your 3 Career Guideposts For The Pandemic


Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively. –Eleanor Roosevelt Are you noticing the latest shift in your conversations, too? Over the 8 weeks since we’ve been physically distanced, I’ve stayed connected by phone and Zoom with a wide circle of friends and […]

Success Is A Verb

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Success has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with being true to who you are. When you are actively honoring your values, engaging in your natural strengths and staying connected to what you create, you are succeeding. Once you realize this, you’ll never doubt your potential again. It’s what I learned through […]

The Brave. The Authentic.

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I wouldn’t have believed Mom if she had told me as a young girl that the hardest thing I’d ever do is stay true to my nature. She would have been right if she had. Being authentic is the bravest thing you can and will do—especially in our world of instant gratification. It’s tempting to […]

3 Questions For Reflecting On Your Fulfillment

This time of year, we can expect to see our favorite social media timelines and e-newsletters loaded with “expert” advice about the healthiest, most effective, fill-in-the-blank way to approach New Year. I’ve clicked that cute little trash-can icon in my email inbox more times than I can count this week before daring to read articles […]

Show Me How You Stay True To Who You Are

Show me how you take care of business without letting business determine who you are. -Oriah Mountain Dreamer It can be difficult not to lose ourselves in our search for success. The quote above from Oriah’s book The Invitation is a favorite of mine. Her writings challenge me both personally and professionally to be clear […]