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Show Me How You Stay True To Who You Are

Show me how you take care of business without letting business determine who you are.

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It can be difficult not to lose ourselves in our search for success.

The quote above from Oriah’s book The Invitation is a favorite of mine. Her writings challenge me both personally and professionally to be clear about what I stand for and to stay true to those core values, no matter the circumstance.

If you are searching for your purpose or feeling stuck, Oriah’s writings might inspire you to shift your mindset to a more positive place and help you visualize what’s possible.

Or take a few minutes to read testimonials of women who are thriving based on their own definitions of success (not society’s). They have all worked through their fears to pursue their passions.

Living in authenticity

I’ve learned it takes great courage to live an authentic life. And I experienced a long list of failures before finally admitting to myself that I couldn’t get there alone.

Through deep reflective work and the support of a coach, mentors and friends, I was able to align my fundamental nature with my professional work, find the purpose I had been seeking and lead with my heart in all that I do.

I welcome your Invitation to connect and discuss how your search for success is going.

Enjoy the journey,


P.S. As a career and business branding coach, it’s my mission to help you stay true to who you are along your quest for success as an executive or entrepreneur. Here’s where you can learn if my framework could be a good fit for you.

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As founder of HerNature®, Carole Dupre’ guides women in unearthing their natural strengths, clarifying their niche, landing their dream jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is a career and business branding coach and a certified personal brand strategist, resume writer and digital marketer.