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Help Wanted: Women & Careers In The Next 51 Years

Not feeling great these days about your career opportunities? Then take a quick peak at these job postings of the past that are sure to change your perspective.

roles for women

The sales job ad on the left is from 1940 and the TWA ad on the right is from 1968, according to The New York Times newsletter In Her Words.

On one hand, we could lament how long it has taken to earn the respect we deserve in the workplace, improve pay standards and be protected from sexual harassment.

On the other hand, we could celebrate the Equal Employment Commission’s decision 51 years ago this week to claim that ads like the ones shown here violate America’s Civil Rights Act.

Unlike my Mom’s generation, we aren’t subjected to female-specific job postings or “unblemished complexion” and “proportionate weight” as qualifications for a “hostess” job.

Today, we are C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of our own self-named media empires—you name the role and most women couldn’t fathom it back then.

We can be who we are meant to be and make the impact we feel called to make.

Let’s stick together

How positively unfathomable work and the roles for women will be in the next 51 years if we continue to stick together. I’m excited to see us thrive, and I’m inspired by the women I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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