HerNature Method: Explore, Chart, Embark

HerNature Method is a 3-stage personal branding journey designed to align your fundamental nature with your professional work and help you avoid losing yourself in the search for success.

I'll guide you through important self-reflective work as well as the practical support you seek, such as goal setting, resume writing, job search strategy and online presence.

You’ll experience a mindset shift, giving you the sense of freedom you need to be authentically you.

You’ll see yourself more clearly and have feedback on how the world sees you—so we can close the gap between the two perspectives.

You'll gain the confidence and the tools to go for that promotion, launch a business or grow the startup that feeds your soul—while fully owning your superstrengths and what sets you apart.

Once you go through this life-changing process, you will know the value you bring, and you won't ever doubt your potential.




Unearth Your Nature

This first step is about thinking less and feeling more. What are your core values? How do you see yourself? How does the world see you?


Set Your Sights

It's time to dream big and refine your goals. What does success look like? What are you called to do? What impact do you want to make? Who do you want to serve?


Discover Your Strengths

You'll answer questions about yourself that you never have before. You'll be able to get feedback from colleagues, friends and/or family using the 360Reach web-based survey or other assessments. This is where we start to close the gap between who you are and how others see you.




Bridge The Gap

We develop a report that validates perceptions and reveals insights about who you are. It focuses on mindset. It highlights your superstrengths and potential, and how you fit into the bigger picture. We take time to review the key insights together.


Clarify Your Niche

Here’s where we talk through in detail exactly where we’re going to focus your personal and/or business brand. We understand how to apply the report insights in everything you do going forward to achieve your goal(s).


Get Your Guide

Receive your Personal Branding Field Guide--your foundation for starting your business or growing your personal brand to level-up your career. You’ll know how  your brand should look and feel, and what messages will work best for your audience.




Craft Your Story

Create brand content, tools and an online presence for your career or business. The creative deliverables are customized based on your business or career goals.


Map Your Strategy

Plan and launch the path for where you want to go and how to get there, whether you seek a role within an organization or you're ready to start or grow a small business of your own.


Start Your Quest

We'll navigate your journey together as you pursue what's in your nature to doas an executive leader or entrepreneur.


Take the first step on your personal branding adventure.

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