Explore & Chart Package (6–8+ weeks)

The Explore & Chart Package is my core package for women executives and entrepreneurs. It helps align who you are with the work you doand stay connected to what you create. It's designed especially for you if you’re ready to dig deeper into your personal brand, explore what distinguishes you and clarify how to market your natural strengths and value.

You get everything offered in the Gear-Up Package plus the first 6 steps of HerNature MethodUnearth Your Nature session, Set Your Sights session, Discover Your Strengths session and activities, Bridge the Gap report, Clarify Your Niche session and Get Your Guide (your own customized Personal Branding Field Guide™ for updating your resume, LinkedIn profile and other social media).

You get lots of one-on-one time with Carole4 strategy sessionsto build your confidence and identify your superstrengths.

(Cost applies to Embark Package as you continue on the HerNature Method path.)

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