"Embark On Your New Executive Career" Package

Embark On Your New Executive Career Package is for the passionate, purpose-led and aspiring corporate leader, manager or director who is all in and on a career progression track. You want to explore your personal brand, clarify your most compelling natural strengths and pursue a fulfilling role within an organization. You need guidance, strategy and the tools to get there.

With this full-service personal branding, creative services and strategic planning package, you get everything offered with the Explore & Chart  Package. Plus we'll work together to create: a cohesive digital portfolio that includes your personally branded resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and optimized digital and social media presence. You'll get one-on-one coaching, which can  be conveniently scheduled online for your job search strategy, promotion or salary negotiation.

You’ll have all the visual and written content and resources you need to feel confident in mastering your career journey.

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