I was standing right about here (under the tree in the photo above) when the new name of my business hit me.

It was fall 2016. I had set aside client work for a month to get my head and heart straight, driving my Jeep through the Southeast U.S. on a photography adventure.

I’m on an all-day hike along Lake Strom Thurmond in Georgia, and I’m replaying conversations I’ve had with women entrepreneurs over the past 2 years since launching Carole Dupre Brand Consulting. There’s a common theme rolling around in my brain that’s impossible to ignore.

Loud and Clear

It’s an attorney friend and client, Tara Hawkins, whose words are ringing clearly that day.

Just a few weeks before, she and I were talking through the details of her new venture over lunch when she said she had left her previous role because it wasn’t “her nature” to continue working for someone else. She had “felt the call” to go out on her own and “make an impact.”

There it was—her nature.

Tara had hired me to develop the brand strategy, logo and a one-page website for her new law practice, Hawkins Legal, which is now a thriving criminal defense firm in southwest Louisiana.

She had a clear vision for building a legal team known for fair and just representation. She knew who she wanted to serve, and she was prepared to answer the call—to make a difference, on her terms, under her own moniker. And she needed my help crafting the words and visuals that today set her brand apart, in an authentic way.

Evolution Takes Time

As soon as I returned home from my road trip, I dug in and began the hard work I knew it would take to evolve my self-named consultancy into a new brand with the new name, HerNature—specifically focused on helping women entrepreneurs and executives like Tara.

A couple of colleagues cautioned the change, while friends and family celebrated the leap I was taking. External opinions couldn’t sway me by that point. It wasn’t a choice any longer. It was and is my purpose.

I rebranded my business as HerNature throughout 2017, and today, I continue to refine my process to help women embark on their professional and personal quest—to pursue what’s in their nature to do.

Happy trail blazing,


Photo: Strom Thurmond Lake trail, GA, by ©Carole Dupre LLC. All rights reserved.

As founder of HerNature®, Carole Dupre’ guides professional women in unearthing their natural strengths, clarifying their niche, landing their dream jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is a certified personal brand strategist, resume writer, social brand analyst, 360Reach survey coach and digital marketer.