Show Me How

Show me how you take care of business without letting business determine who you are.” -Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It can be difficult not to lose ourselves in our search for success.

This quote from Oriah’s book The Invitation is a favorite of mine. Her writings challenge me in both my personal and professional life to be clear about what I stand for and stay true to the values I hold, no matter the circumstance.

If you are searching for your purpose or feeling stuck, Oriah’s writings might be just what you need to get you through. Or first, take a few minutes to read HerNature stories of women professionals who have defined success on their terms and have stayed true to who they are.

Enjoy the journey,


Photo: Sunset, East Beach, Ocean Springs, MS, by ©Carole Dupre LLC. All rights reserved.

As founder of HerNature®, Carole Dupre’ guides professional women in unearthing their natural strengths, clarifying their niche, landing their dream jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is a certified personal brand strategist, resume writer, social brand analyst, 360Reach survey coach and digital marketer.