If Eleanor Roosevelt Were Here

When people ask about my “why” behind HerNature Personal Branding, I fall back on my favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

I believe Ms. Roosevelt was challenging each of us to think bigger than our lizard brains want to go. But I don’t believe she was suggesting we “must do the thing” alone.

I’m certain if she were here today, Ms. Roosevelt would encourage us to find an experienced guide to join us on our personal journey. … And that is where I come in and “why” I do what I do.

It’s my purpose and privilege to work with smart, accomplished women, helping them chart the course for what they once thought impossible—to be true to themselves while doing work that brings them joy + financial success.

While my “why” tends to bring a satisfactory smile in most cases, I like to take Ms. Roosevelt’s quote one step farther with a twist that has since become my all-purpose mantra:

You must do the thing that’s in your nature to do. 

So I am. And I can’t wait to show you how.

Enjoying the journey,


Photo: Monarch butterfly, Covington, LA, by ©Carole Dupre LLC. All rights reserved.

Carole Dupré has 20+ years of experience as a brand strategist, entrepreneur and executive manager. She has guided women professionals in clarifying their niche, landing their dream jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is a certified personal brand strategist (CPBS), resume writer (ACRW), social brand analyst (CSBA), 360Reach survey coach and digital marketer.