Dance, Work, Meditate, Repeat

While I’d love to spend all of my time sipping lattes at Cat Island Coffeehouse, tasting history-making brews at Lazy Magnolia in the Kiln and photographing Mississippi’s Gulf Coast beach, which I can see from my mailbox, I’m not there yet.

But I’m working on it!

Here is where I spend much of my time on weekdays in Pass Christian. I’ve turned the sun room of my beach cottage into a full-purpose creative war room and branding studio.

Everything changed when I saw this sun room. It’s just a beach cottage, I was thinking. But I was feeling something more. I actually cried real tears as the owner gave me a tour and the key. Deep down, I knew this would be the place where HerNature would come alive.

This is where I strive to make the “magic” happen, video consulting and meeting with HerNature clients, editing my photography, dreaming as big as I can about how to make an impact in helping others reach their dreams.

I have just enough space to dance to one song every morning and the perfect lime-green perch to meditate every afternoon.

Working solo as a brand and career consultant, I’ve learned my workspace needs to be bright and versatile. It needs to be comfortable for face-to-face time with clients. And it has to help energize my soul for those long lonely work days when it’s all up to me.

Do you have a space that feeds your creativity or stirs your soul?

Take a look around your home, inside and out, and see if there’s a nook you can transform into a place of retreat. It’s an important part of nurturing your nature, to help clear your mind and begin to see the path that’s yours to take.

Happy trail blazing,


Photos: Beach cottage and self portrait, Mississippi Gulf Coast. © 2019 Carole Dupre. All Rights Reserved.

Carole Dupré has 20+ years of experience as a brand strategist, marketer, executive manager, consultant and entrepreneur. She has guided women professionals in finding their niche and landing their dream jobs, rebranded large organizations and helped small businesses get started. She is a certified personal brand strategist (CPBS), resume writer (ACRW), social brand analyst (CSBA), 360Reach survey coach and internet marketer.