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How Core Values Help Focus Your Career Path

Picture in your mind one social media or online news channel you frequently visit.

Now think about what happens to your mind when you visit that channel.

Most likely, within 60 seconds or less of scrolling through posts, your mind will shift to a very different place from where it was before you started scrolling. . . . A place where you feel yourself drifting and your mindset changing in response to the external chaos.

The external world as reported by all media can make you question your personal and professional priorities and encourage you to react in a way that you may not otherwise. That mental reaction can take you off course.

Staying the course

This is an ongoing conversation I have with my career coaching clients.

They ask, “Why do my priorities keep changing?” “How do I start to get focused?” “How do I clarify my next steps and stay the course?”

There is something you can do to manage your focus and mindset from drifting with what’s happening around you. At least it’s one thing that has worked for me, and I believe it will work for you.

Measure your response to the outer world by the values you hold within.

-Carole Dupré

To stay grounded—and remain on your true career course rather than reacting to the chaos around you—requires being clear about and being committed to living by your core values.

Let your values be your guide

When I say values, I’m not talking about what you value at work or what you value at home. I am talking about the core values that drive the whole person you are today.

Living by your core values requires a commitment to these steps:

• Identify 3-5 core value statements (see mine below for an example)
• Write them and type them
• Post them where you can see them every day for an extended period
• Memorize them
• Get clear about how you will apply them in your daily life
• Hold yourself accountable

It’s a lifetime practice that brings clarity and fulfillment.

5 years and counting

Five years ago and counting, I identified my top 5 value statements. I strive to lead with them and integrate them every day and every way. They are the values I would like to see in others I partner with, serve as clients and spend my personal time with.

Here they are as I write them by heart:

• Dare to be authentic.
• Measure success from within.
• Find adventure in everyday life.
• Express gratitude openly and often.
• Let love lead the way in all my decision-making.

My core values have continued to be my filter for tough decisions about my business but also for fun things like whom I date and what groups I join.

This practice has been put to the test and proven solid. When crazy things happen in the world, as they inevitably do, I don’t shift my focus with them. I first measure my response to the world around me by the values I hold within me. And if it makes sense to change my focus or my priorities for my career and my life, I will.

Otherwise I stay the course.

If you don’t know what your core values are, email me at I will respond with a core values activity that I share with the professionals I coach. Or apply for a free session here.

It could make all the difference in creating the emotional foundation you need when the next round of chaos comes.

Thank you for reading.

Naturally yours,


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As founder of HerNature® Career Coaching, Carole Dupré partners with high-achieving women in landing jobs and launching businesses that honor their true nature. She is an ICF-certified career coach and personal brand strategist specializing in mid-career and late-career transitions. She helps you develop your value proposition and build your brand online.