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Shannon D’Gerolamo daydreamed about writing her own job description. She envisioned a role that engaged her passion for executive coaching and gave her the flexibility she needed as a mom with two young boys.

“I would have never considered going into a traditional organization and asking for a flexible way of working and expect it to happen,” Shannon said.

That’s what she did, however, through her partnership with HerNature. And in 3 months, the daydream became reality.

Here’s how it happened.

Seize the opportunity

When major changes occurred at her previous workplace, Shannon knew it was the ideal opportunity to make a career shift. But she had no idea how to land that dream job description she had been writing in her head for so long.

One thing was for certain. She couldn’t see herself working for an employer who would try to change her to fit an existing role. For the first time in her career, she was going to have the freedom to meet an employer’s expectations while being true to herself and her style.

Shannon hired HerNature Founder Carole Dupre to help her “put an authentic framework” around her personal brand and get creative with her job search.

Journey to authenticity

“In Carole’s approach to personal branding, the job search comes after a personal journey of self-discovery,” said Shannon.

“The process went much deeper than the personality and strengths assessments of a traditional career development service. It helped me create a mindset that allowed me to consider my personal life in balance with professional pursuits, to have more balance as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and professional.”

As part of her personal branding journey, Shannon worked with Carole to craft a new resume and LinkedIn profile that reflected what she had learned about herself. Then she launched her job search strategy, ignoring job postings altogether.

“I reached out to other professionals in the community who I suspected would see the value I could bring to an organization,” she said.

Shannon initiated contact with a company she respected, even though there wasn’t an opening for a leadership consultant or coach. She presented herself confidently as someone who could help them advance their mission.

Return on self-investment

Not only did the organization create a spot for Shannon, they offered her the flexible schedule she needed as a working mom. They also gave her time to shape a traditional training program into a method that matched her facilitative approach, introverted personality and natural strengths.

Shannon has made the job her own as a Senior Talent Development Partner—and achieved the authenticity she wanted in her career.

It’s her dream job come true.

“The greatest gift I ever gave myself was to take the time and spend the energy on something that would help me evolve professionally.”

“Oftentimes it’s hard for women to justify spending time, money and energy on themselves,” she says. “The greatest gift I ever gave myself was to take the time and spend the energy on something that would help me evolve professionally.”

“Through Carole’s guidance, I was able to connect to the right organization, the right team, at the right time in my career.”

See HerNature’s Authentic Career Roadmap to learn more about the steps we took to help Shannon prepare, land and shape her dream job.