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Carole Dupre driving her Jeep Wrangler

Through Catastrophe (And Writing) Comes Clarity

Friends have encouraged me to write about what’s now a transformational part of my life journey—an infamous Jeep wreck and stuntwoman masterpiece in 2017.

I submitted my story to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Community platform, which is open to anyone who wants to participate. Although there is no guarantee your story will get published, mine did. And it was exciting to see it on someone else’s news feed other than my own 😄.

What you create in your life

By sharing this article with a broader audience, my hope is to inspire one other person to believe that no matter how bad things seem at the moment, no matter the obstacle you face, no matter what some “expert” says you can’t do: You don’t have to accept the path others expect you to take.

1-Listen to your instincts.

2-Be the one who decides what you create in your life.

It all starts by being honest about who you are and what you value most. It’s simple but not easy stuff I learned the hard way. And I’m grateful for all of it.

You can read the article on Thrive Global here.

During this time when online newsfeeds want us to think the worst, I encourage you to think differently from the mainstream. Dig in, listen to your heart and take advantage of the disruption—to do what you’ve always wanted to do, personally or professionally.

Because guess what? No one will ask you, “Why now?”

With the utmost belief in you,


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