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HerNature Process:
Authentic Career Roadmap

We know that as a professional woman, you want more than a job. You want a fulfilling career that offers better pay, flexibility and meaning.

HerNature’s Authentic Career Roadmap combines award-winning branding strategies with personalized career services to position you for that next-level opportunity.

We coach you through self-reflective work and the practical support you need, such as goal setting, career assessments, job search planning and proven techniques for getting interviews.

By “authentic career,” we mean work that is aligned with who you are and allows you to do what you love and make a positive impact.

Your Career Roadmap

You’ll experience a mindset shift, giving you the sense of freedom to picture your ideal future during this pivotal time in your career. You’ll gain the confidence to change jobs, go for that promotion or launch a business that feeds your soul—while fully owning your superstrengths and what sets you apart.

Depending on your career vision and goals, your customized coaching program may include a few of the career roadmap steps below or all of them.

Authentic Career Roadmap

You Are Here

Anxious, uncertain, overwhelmed, stuck, ready for more fulfilling adventures.

Career Vision

Core Values

Natural Strengths

Brand Positioning

Motivators & Interests

Career Priorities

Professional Experience

Work Culture

Job & Industry Targets

Tell Your Story


It’s time to dream big and refine your career vision for optimum work fulfillment. What does success look like? What are you called to do? What impact do you want to make?


Your core values are the true representation of your authentic self. Clients consistently say this step creates a positive breakthrough for them. You identify your top 5 core values statements and career intentions.


We unearth strengths you may be taking for granted and leaving out of your story. Your confidence kicks in and your competitive advantage increases as you learn how to clearly articulate the top 3-5 things you do best.


Developing your positioning statement helps to ensure your personal brand stays focused and authentic. You access the same framework that top global brands use to create your foundation for your verbal, written and visual communication going forward.

& Interests

You explore and identify what inspires and excites you to do your best work through reflective exercises and discussion. Motives can be powerful drivers behind the scenes for work satisfaction.

Career Priorities

We clarify and rank priorities for your next job or career path, especially those that are non-negotiable.


Experience a shift in focus from what you’ve been responsible for in previous jobs to what you’ve successfully achieved as you develop challenge, action and result stories that demonstrate your strengths.


You evaluate each aspect of a work setting and company culture that’s ideal for you. Your work environment is critical in finding fulfillment. It can either increase or decrease your performance.

Job &
Industry Targets

Engage your curiosity as you identify jobs or careers that you’re ready to pursue based on the roadmap steps you’ve completed. We look for patterns and develop a list of job types that go beyond your prior work experience as we position you for a successful transition.

Tell Your

Get expert guidance on proven resume and online branding strategies and strengthen your video interviewing and negotiation skills. Whoever tells the best story wins!

Take the first step on your authentic career path.

Review our coaching services & schedule a consultation today.

Take the first step on your authentic career path.

Review Our Coaching Services & Schedule A Consultation Today.