Hello, I'm Carole Dupré.

My long scenic route to finding my purpose often mirrors the journey my clients are facing.

I’m excited to share that the land of "There Is More to Life" does exist, and it was worth every challenge--even the near-death kind--to get here.

Living in the present moment, near the beach, working for myself and helping professional women get unstuck and reconnected with who they are--I've reached a soulful summit, where my personal and professional selves are inseparable.

Here’s a snippet of my career story and how HerNature came to be. I would love to hear where you are on your journey and how I can help.

Let’s begin your quest

HerNature is my nature.

Let's rediscover yours.

My Personal Journey

Making it through college came easy enough. Figuring out my career path, not so much.

Dad had hoped I'd become a school teacher so I could have my summers off with my kids. But I wanted something more unconventional. Even back then I wondered, why couldn't my work be more of an adventure than, well, work? But I had no one to help me chart the course for my dream job.

Within the first few years of trial and error employment, I discovered my knack for strategy and design. Marketing won out as the best choice for my strengths, and branding became my No. 1 focus--thanks to a mentor 10 years into my career.

As a brand strategist and executive marketing manager for large organizations, I led national campaigns and regional teams that produced award-winning results. But at the height of my 20-year corporate career, I found myself disconnected from my work. "There must be more to life than this," I thought.

It was success without soul.

Somewhere along the way, I bought into the idea that my value was equal to the results I produced and the promotions I earned.

Work came first. Who I was came last. What I could deliver was all that mattered.

I was terribly mistaken.

While I seemed happy on the surface, earning bigger paychecks for better ROI, my co-workers didn’t know much about me. I was an expert at keeping my life in compartments. And I missed countless opportunities to connect with team mates on a real level.

I grew exhausted going through the motions and walked away.

As soon as I went out on my own as a business branding consultant, things got real. Over a 3-year period came a series of calamities, including a near-death Jeep wreck in 2017.

Emotionally and physically I hit rock-bottom. There were surgeries and months of painful therapy involving my right hand and wrist. I had no other choice but to reflect on my life, outside of my career.

The Only Way

Through it all, I grew more committed to the kind of success that reflected my intrinsic value as a person—not as some perfect individual, but as the most authentic (and often imperfect) self I am.

It all comes down to this: Being in touch with WHO I AM is how to stay connected to WHAT I CREATE. And staying connected to what I create is the only way to a fulfilling career and life for me.

Founding HerNature answered the calling I could no longer ignore and gave me the purpose I had been missing.

I feel aligned, guiding professional women through the life-changing framework I've personally designed and following my nature in all that I do.

The Right Time

In many ways, my story is not unique. As a personal branding and career guide, I hear from women every week recounting their discontent with their jobs. They’ve lost their self-confidence and personal worth. They're stressed and overwhelmed. They've faced serious hardships.

Whether you’re feeling stuck, facing a crossroads or feeling disconnected from your work, I can help you find your way through it. We’ll shake the fear that’s holding you back and light the path that’s yours to take now, rather than 10 or 20 years down the road.

Even if you’re not ready to leave behind your biweekly paycheck, don't wait for the right time to start your passion project or create your online presence. The right time may never come.

I’ll show you how to take small steps today toward a timeless foundation for your dream job or business so you can nurture it slowly until you’re ready for it to blossom.

Let's do this together.

There is more to life. Don't wait any longer to find it.

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