Hello, I am Carole Dupré.

For most of my career, I helped businesses build their brands.

Today as personal branding and career guide, I serve individual women executives and entrepreneurs who tell me they want more than a job.

She’s ready to make who she is a bigger part of what she does. She wants to follow her nature—with the payoff being a more fulfilling career and life.

I get it. And I figured out how to get there, the hard way.

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HerNature is my nature.

Let's find yours

My personal journey...

My long, scenic route to this place would marvel even the Google Maps squad.

Making it through Louisiana State University came easy enough. Figuring out my career path, not so much. My Dad wanted me to be a school teacher so I could have my summers off with my kids. I wanted something way more exciting, but I had no one to help me chart the course for my dream job.

Within the first few years of trial and error employment, I learned what I didn’t like and that I had a knack for strategy and design. Marketing was the best fit for my strengths, and branding became my No. 1 focus--thanks to a mentor 10 years into my career.

As a brand strategist and executive marketing manager for large organizations, I led teams that produced award-winning results. But at the height of my career, I found myself disconnected from my work.

It was success without soul.

Somewhere along the way, I started to believe my value was equal to the results I produced and the promotions I earned. Success was never about understanding the value I brought to the organization or valuing my own personal qualities and brand.

Who I was came last. What I could deliver was of the utmost importance.

How wrong I was.

By not valuing myself, by not listening to what was in my nature, I suffered in the long run. I didn’t take care of myself, and I missed countless opportunities to connect on a real level with people who made up the organizations I served. I wasn’t fully present. No one knew much about me or my personal life. I was an expert in keeping my life in compartments.

While I seemed happy, moving up or along from one job to the next, earning more money than I needed to live in exchange for more responsibility, I burned out.

After a series of personal calamities including a horrific Jeep wreck and escaping death in May 2017, I’m even more committed to the kind of success that reflects my internal value as a person—not as some perfect individual, but as the most imperfect and authentic self I am.

I found my calling...

Finally I feel aligned, running my own business and serving a niche I’ve been called to serve.

For the first time, I’m following my nature in all facets of my life and have stopped letting fear drive my decisions - although I do get scared nearly every day.

I realize now that being in touch with who I am is how to stay connected to what I create. It’s not only possible to do. It’s the only way to a fulfilling career and life for me.

And most importantly, I have learned to ask for help when I get stuck.

Are you at a crossroads?

My story is not unique. I hear from women every week recounting their discontent with their jobs. They’ve lost their sense of self and personal worth.

Whether you’re feeling stuck, facing a crossroads or feeling burned-out like I was, I can be your compass. We’ll shake the fear that’s holding you back and light the path that’s yours to take now, rather than 10 years down the road.

My method is not your easy street. It’s more like your shortcut through the back roads—and it’s both fun and effective.

Even if you’re not ready to leave behind your biweekly paycheck, I’ll show you how to create a timeless foundation for your passion project now so you can nurture it slowly until you’re ready to make it grow.

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