Your authentic career is our goal.

Personal branding is how we get there.

What’s your next career move?

You are here.

You are stuck, uncertain and perhaps overwhelmed. You’ve reached a point in your professional life where who you are and what you do no longer feel aligned.

You have begun to dream of another way. You’ve got an idea for a more fulfilling job, a side hustle or a new business that is authentic to you. You might be ready to level-up the business you launched a few years ago. The bottom-line is this: You know there’s something next, but you’re not sure where to start.

We are here.

Our strategic branding method meets you where you are on your journey. Through one-on-one sessions, we guide you in unearthing your natural strengths and designing a career that reflects your life ambitions.

You’ll regain confidence by being more in touch with the value you offer as we craft your story, map your career path and navigate the digital landscape together. You’ll know where to begin and where you’re going.

Like never before, you’ll see what sets apart your personal brand and how to pursue what’s in your true nature to do.

Carole gave me the confidence I needed to explore career options that fit my natural strengths. With her ongoing encouragement, I was able to land a new marketing role in a new industry. She has been a true mentor and inspiration to me.

Jaclyn Dufrene
Marketing Director
Carole Dupre, Executive Branding Coach

Welcome to HerNature

At the peak of my corporate marketing career, I launched a self-named side hustle that blossomed into HerNature, a branding firm for women executives and entrepreneurs.

I can wow you with a resume and LinkedIn profile or help you launch a new business. But what really sets apart HerNature is our approach to helping you get clear about your authentic career. My roadmap includes award-winning strategies that uniquely position your personal brand for that next-level opportunity.

Here’s more about the services I offer. I look forward to learning more about you. Thank you for visiting.

-Carole Dupré, Founder | Executive Branding & Career Coach

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