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You are stuck, uncertain and perhaps overwhelmed. You’ve reached a point in your professional career where who you are and what you do no longer feel aligned.

You have begun to ponder another way. You’ve got an idea for a more fulfilling career, a side hustle, or a new business that is authentic to you. But you’re not sure how to get there.

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Our personal branding method meets you where you are on your journey. We guide you through unearthing your natural strengths, designing the life you deserve, and taking back control of your career.

Armed with your own Personal Branding Field Guide, you’ll regain confidence by being more in touch with the value you offer. And like never before, you’ll see what sets apart your personal brand and how to pursue what’s in your nature to do.

HerNature brought confidence and clarity to my job search efforts. The outcome was a timely job offer, even with several options to consider. I owe so much of my success to Carole’s assessment and coaching process.

Shannon D.
Leadership Development Consultant
Carole Dupre

Meet Carole, Founder of HerNature

As a marketing executive for 25 years, I transformed and grew various industry brands while moving up the corporate ladder. Then career burn-out hit.

In 2015, I launched a consultancy for business brands, but still felt disconnected from what I was creating. So I self-tested and invested in a 3-step method to help professional women do the work they’ve been called to do, minus the mistakes I made along the way.

Today as a personal branding and career consultant, I serve women executives and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make who they are a bigger part of what they do. Each client gets one-on-one coaching as we craft her story, map her career path and navigate the digital landscape to pursue the life she really wants.

HerNature Personal Branding is my nature. Let’s find yours.

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